COMAT®: Product Information



The second part of the product line is the COMAT®, or Composite Material, fabrics. Originally this segment of the product line was just chopped strand mat bonded to knitted fabrics; but in the past few years it has been greatly enlarged and is one of the fastest growing segments of the product line. There are two significant reasons for this. First, there are now two binder systems; and secondly, most all types of composite component materials in use in the FRP industry are now being bonded together.

The primary difference in COMAT® products and similar materials from other manufacturers is the method used to attach the materials together. Instead of the normal method of stitching, COMAT® fabrics are thermo chemically bonded together with dry binder. This eliminates the print through of the stitch marks on the surface. Two binder systems are used. One is styrene soluble; and the other one is a patented process that will not breakdown in styrene bath and was designed primarily for pultrusion applications.

Any weight chopped strand mat, polyester veil, polyester felt, or nexus can be bonded to any weight fabric.

When you compare the surface of the COMAT® fabric to that of a competitors fabric, you will not see the stitch marks that is characteristic of their process.