CollinsCraft Composites Group, Inc.

Post Office Box 129 • 2313 Sandifer Blvd. • Westminster, South Carolina 29693
After over 30 years of continuous business, Mr. Ken Collins, the owner of CollinsCraft Composites had made the decision to cease operations. Due to the current economic environment we have found it increasingly hard to compete with international competition and the slowed economy due to the COVID-19 virus crisis.

In 1990 Mr. Collins purchased Composites Reinforcements to become CollinsCraft Composites, the manufacturer of COFAB® and COMAT® fiberglass reinforcement fabrics. CollinsCraft has produced millions of pounds of what we know to be the best reinforcement products made for the composites industry.

Thank you for your business for the past years we couldn’t have made it this far without you!

If you have any questions related to CollinsCraft Composites, our machinery and facility or our remaining inventories you can email Steve Grogan, Chief Operating Officer at